Monday, December 10, 2012

Lovsangskole i Bergen Feb 2013

If you live in the area of Bergen Norway, join the Worship School Jan & Feb 2013!

Join our Worship Mission TO Germany & Czech Republic!

The vision & heart beat of Disciples of Worship is to take worship to the lips & the heart of the nations! We are pleased to announce we will be taking a team of 20-30 worshippers young & old into Germany & Czech Republic this upcoming Easter Break.

Would you like to be a part of impacting people's lives this upcoming Easter holiday and show people the transforming power of Christ's salvation & resurrection?

As worshippers, we will go into Europe, lifting up the name of Jesus through dance & music letting God's presence draw people's hearts! Learn how to use your gifts & share your testimony to evangelize to the lost during this special time of Easter. 
Click HERE for more details & how to apply!! 
Starting in Fredikstad, Norway we will have a couple days of preparation & training. We will then travel by bus provided by Slettevold Bussreiser AS to Slate & Berlin, Germany for a few days then take the Gospel in to Prague, Czech Republic. 
March 21- April 1, 2013
Cost: 8000 NOK/ 1400 USD
+ transportation to Fredrikstad, Norway

Join the optional Worship Training Camp in Fredrikstad, Norway taking place ahead of the worship mission on March 18-21. Another great opportunity to grow in your relationship with God & worship leading.  Cost for Pre-mission Camp: 800 NOK/ 150 USD  

Hope to see you on the mission field!! 

End of the Fall 2012 DOW Tour

It is hard to believe now that our 3 month Disciples of Worship tour has ended. Yet I think we all believe it is just the beginning of something new. We look forward to start up another 3 month tour in the North of Norway this Spring from March-May 2013 to go back to some of the places we were at this fall and build on those relationships yet also pioneer a few new locations.

This past 3 months we've ministered & spent many days in Oslo, Ålesund, Vaksvika, Sula, Ørnes, Harstad, Kasfjord, Borkenes, Leknes Lofoten, Borgen YWAM, Tromsø, Lakselv, Karasjok, and Tana. Many salvations, healings, Holy Spirit manifestations, worshippers discipled, and so much of God's presence we have experienced. Yet this is just the beginning... Lord we want MORE!

Here are some highlight videos from our tour:

From our time in Leknes, Lofoten:

@ Borgen YWAM Base & Tromsø

Borkenes Concert

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Testimonies from the Tour of Disciples of Worship & School of Worship in the North!!!!

The last 2 weeks joining with Teen Mania's School of Worship in Texas & Eva Jeanette, Christian Sami Musician from Karasjok, & Svein Slettevolt Buss Reiser AS, & intercessors Jim & Henriette Freegard, the 32 of us traveled through the North bringing God's presence leading people to salvation healing emotionally & physically. Many of us were transformed as well on this trip. 

We were able to minister to over 500 people in the small places in the North, 14 people committed their lives to Jesus, over 10 people experienced physical miraculous healings, and at least 5 people experienced the baptism of Holy Spirit to empower them to be his witnesses to the utter most parts of the earth, and many others encouraged & challenged to walk with Jesus more closely. 

Here are some of the testimonies from our team: 

"The Lord has really been growing me in spiritual gifts on this trip to Norway. The Lord has given me the opportunity to minister to others through prophetic word and he has drawn me deeper into His intimacy through spiritual freedom and gifting. I don’t think the gifts themselves brought me deeper with Jesus as much as surrendering these areas to Him brought freedom.
I also feel strongly about revival in Norway. I believe Norway is going to front the world wide revival of the Body of Christ. The Lord is going to raise up a people from Norway and they are going to at least in part fulfill Isaiah 61:4. They are going to rebuild old ruins and this revival will spread like a fire through the rest of Europe and the world. I believe this is the Lord preparing His bride for His imminent return."
-     - Anna Shay


"The first week we were in Norway, the Lord kept putting Isaiah 60 on my heart. During the Harstad prayer conference, Mr. Williams asked if I had something to share with everyone. I said “I don’t think so but I’ll pray and see.” The Lord then reavealed to me that I was suppose to share Isaiah 60 with the people. Verse 10 says “…so that men may bring the wealth of the nations.” The Lord then revealed to Mary that many people were coming to Norway from all over the world to bring the wealth & treasures of wisdom of the Gospel and knowing God intimately to help wake up the people of Norway to their identity."

"In Karasjok after the concert during ministry time, a Sami lady was the first one to come to the altar. She had Alzheimer’s disease, so we prayed for her. Her eyes seemed to be dead & dull. Then after a while the two ladies with her who led the old lady to the altar started crying, as the lady began to speak. They told us she was better, and there was a significant difference in her eyes. A new sparkle of life and she was actually smiling.
We also prayed for a girl who had pain in her knee. So we prayed and the pain left instantly! I talked to a woman who told me that this was a huge blessing to her She was originally from another nation, where she used to attend church services several days per week. She doesn’t have that opportunity here. But she flet that the Holy Spirit refreshed her tonight and filled her with a new hope of revival to happen in Karasjok."
-      -Amelia Joy


"In Karasjok we put a choir together and while our group was singing I thought I kept seeing hands go up in praise and as a sign of surrender to the Lord. When the movements caught my eye I would look in the direction but my physical eyes didn’t see them. Many others on our team saw the same thing. I realized it was my spirit  seeing what God was doing in their hearts. I felt chains being broken, healings and more. At the end of the service I received hugs from mostly Sami people with tears in their eyes. Then I met two girls. One of them asked Jesus to come into her heart. The other really liked the service but was more hesitant but she said that she might give it a try."
- Yolette Josey

"The Lord has stirred up so much faith in my heart since we have arrived here in Norway.  My eyes have been unveiled to so much darkness in this country and it continues to tug on my heart every day! There is so much that I can testify about, having the privilege to be on this trip is a testimony in itself.  I have had the chance to speak into teenage girls here and they are SO thirsty for The Lord and there is so little Christianity for them to feed off of.  Literally heart breaking.. It makes me ask myself what am I doing? I have the gift of Gods great love and there are people everywhere who have NO IDEA who Jesus Christ even is.  The Lord has put the passion for this nation on my heart. After the encouragement of a girl I met at our first conference I have been nothing but excited for what God is stirring up. She came up to me after worship and expressed how touched she was by the presence of God, and went on telling me of how much she loved what we brought to Norway. I explained that its not us or the music, it is the power of The Lord touching this Unreached nation.
If The Lord can move on her heart in such a way, imagine what He is going to do for this whole generation!!!"
With this God continues to reveal this scripture to me..
•Isaiah 61:11
"For as the soil makes the sprout come up an a garden causes seeds to grow, so the sovereign Lord will make righteousness and praise rise up before all nations."
~Amanda Keener

  "God has done some amazing things in my life on this trip already and I'm not even finished yet. Starting out this trip I knew that it was going to be different from the usual missions trip, but I did not realize that it was going to be as different as it has been.  During this trip i have not only participated in ministering to other people but at the same time everything has been ministering to me on a level that I never expected.  God used me do things such as speaking prophecies over people, leading people into worship, and even helping to lead two people to receive the gift of tongues! All through this God has reaffirmed His intense love for me in my heart by showing me how He can and will use me during this trip and for the rest of my life. God has also given me visions of comfort and the love of the Father to assure me that he is proud of me and will always love me no matter what. It's really been amazing and I can't wait to see what He will do next."
-      -Jonathan Weibe

"This trip has been amazing so far and the Lord has done a lot. I could testify about so
many different things but I’ll just share one - Yesterday I was walking at the YWAM base and I twisted my ankle pretty badly. This morning while we were praying Charlie asked if there was anything he could pray about for me and I told him about my ankle then we prayed. At first it didn’t feel any different but I still continued to have faith in the Lord’s ability to heal me. Approximately 12 hours later, my ankle is completely healed and pain free. God is good!"
-      -Anna Grace


"Today I was able to be recognize the “gold” in other people. While doing Ministry in the streets of Tromsø, the Holy Spirit manifested himself through me. He gave me a vision of a girl with two distinct features; long blonde hair and blue eyes. I knew that I wouldn't have to search hard for her, that we would just cross paths. And that's exactly what happened. I was crossing the street and notice this girl standing alone, when I saw her, I knew she was the one from my vision. I approached her and gave her prophetic encouragement. I expressed the love of the Father for her. I shared that she was created in His image and how he delights in her. I was even able to pray for her. Her eyes watered. God moved & touched her heart. (Street Ministry Testimony # 1)
Evangelism is giving people a taste of God's goodness. It's amazing what God can do both in and through you. Not only was I able to share a prophetic word but I witnessed a miracle first hand. Walking through the city of Tromsø, I saw a man walking on the opposite side of the road limping. With no second to think, the Spirit led me. I was walking behind the group I was in and yelled for them to follow. He was walking up a hill and I had to run to catch up, and I finally did at the top. I introduced myself and explained how I saw him limping and wanted to pray for him. He was receptive and allowed me to. We laid hands on his leg and declared healing. When we finished praying I stood to face him, he just looked at me and suddenly his face literally lit up. He began walking, dancing and even jumping. After he fell to his knees and hugged me. I couldn´t help myself, I began to cry. He said it was a miracle and asked where I got my power from. A door was open for us to minister the love of Jesus Christ. He told us that he was an Atheist, but after this personal experience of miraculous healing, he believed. GOD IS GOOD!" (Street Ministry Testimony # 2)
- Jamie Rose

Sunday, November 11, 2012

5 Salvations in Kasfjord!

We have had some incredible weeks. Last weekend there was an evangelist from Oslo who came to the Kasfjord Baptist Church and had meetings as we led worship. There were a few people who were miraculously healed in their body & 2 people gave their lives to Jesus. One of them was a girl we have been talking to during our times of worship in Kasfjord. It was amazing to see the seeds planted already bring about a spiritual harvest.

Teen Mania's School of Worship from Texas has now joined us as we travel for 2 weeks together throughout the North & Finnmark. This weekend we led worship together for the Prayer Conference at Rivermont in Harstad. Such powerful times of prayer together we experience! Last night we did a concert in the church with music, dance, & testimonies. People from all over attended from Borkenes, Lofoten, Harstad, etc... many were encouraged in their walk with God and 5 people gave there life to Jesus for the first time!!!

God is good!!! Now we travel up to Borgen YWAM Base to do some ministry in Tromsø.
- Mary Elizabeth

Thursday, November 8, 2012

The School of Worship has arrived!

Teen Mania's School of Worship has arrived here in Norway all the way from Texas, USA! We are partnering with them taking God's presence to the North. Ministering through concerts of music & dance. This weekend we are taking part in the Prayer Conference at Rivermont near Harstad. Then we travel to Borgen YWAM Base & then throughout Finnmark in Lakselv, Karasjok, & Tana!! Last night spontaneous worship burst out and the Lord's presence came and gave up visions & words over Norway, worshipping until 3am. Powerful times are ahead of us. The dynamic of Disciples of Worship & School of Worship is something very special this year!!

Check out School of Worship's arrival video and encouraging words for Norway:

You can follow more updates on our tour also on the School of Worship's blog:

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Kasfjord Video updates

Leknes, Lofoten

We have been in Lofoten for two weeks now, and we have had a great time! We have been working with Klippen church as well as the youth at Betel, in Leknes. We have had worship teaching, social nights and a worship concert as well as a dance workshop tuesday night, which I would like to share about. There was about 12 girls in the class, and I shared my heart about dance, had a prophetic dance class with them and taught them a choreography in the end. They were very inspired, and many people were encouraged by dancing they did over each other. This last friday we had a worship concert with the same youth group. I had a couple of dances and shared briefly about dance, and I noticed that some of the girls were dancing during the worship. When we were all done, one of the girls that were dancing came up and shared her testimony from the dance workshop. She told us how God had challenged her to dance that night, and started really encouraging and challenging other people to step out of their comfort zone! Other people gave similar feedback as well, and so it was amazing to see someone that really grasped it and applied it! So God is really up to something, and I think this is the beginning of a new level of freedom in this area! God has great plans for this place!
- Ester Frantzen 

Friday, October 12, 2012

Sula Frikirke Disciples of Worship Seminars - Video

Here is a quick video for the days that we spent in Sula Frikirke. Check it out!

Kasfjord Tour Update!

        This past week, we have been in Kasfjord, by Harstad. This is a very special place, and we have a lot of expectations to what God is going to do here. We have spent a lot of time working with and connecting with a worship team here, and that is our main focus during this time. Mary and the pastor John Erling put the team together earlier this spring in March, and they have been practicing since then. As well as leading worship in the church here, we have had many worship nights for the youth here, and God is definately up to something in several of these youths!

        On saturday, we went to Borkenes (the neighboring village) where we had a dance workshop and a worship service with the congregation. God healed several people, both on the inside and outside! it was a great night. This coming weekend, we are going go to Rivermont for a youth camp. We are responsible for the worship there, and we are really looking forward to this. We think God wants to do great things during this camp!

- Ester Frantzen

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Monday, October 1, 2012

Ørnes “The Pearl of Norway”

       We just got finished with a week of ministry in this beautiful small village of Ørnes through teaching worship seminars, worship concerts, & hanging out with the youth there.

      Every place we go we ask God what is on His heart for the area and how does God see each place. We believe Norway is dear to God’s heart & each place reflects a unique attribute & side of His glory, His nature, His character. It’s like we are on a treasure hunt to see God’s glory. Our team was praying at the beginning of the week I saw a picture of a clam shell and the sun shinning upon it. As the sun shined upon it, it started to open and as it gradually opened there was just enough of a crack to see a peak inside. I felt the Lord’s heart say “Ørnes is my precious pearl.” As we look at the face of the Son, Jesus Christ, & lift Him up in our worship, hearts will open up & the great treasure & precious pearl will be shown through the people in Ørnes. When they discover their worth to God, His glory will shine bright.  

- Mary Elizabeth Vorrath

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Disciples of Worship - Fall Tour Update

        So, we've been on DOW for 7 days now, and God has showed me a lot in just these few days! My life has changed, and I expect more change over these next three months. God is preparing the way!

        On Monday Svein Hoysaeter came and taught about "life shape's", one of them was on how to disciple brothers and sisters, "being a sheep in the front and being a shepherd in the back of your body". This means leading others, while you're being lead yourself.

        Stage one of the square is characterized by a directive style of leadership and an eager enthusiasm on the part of the learner (top of the square “I do, you watch”). Stage two moves into a coaching style of leadership as the learner discovers that things may not be as easy or simple as he/she first thought (right of the square “I do, you help”). Stage three is a time of friendship, as the leader and learner work closely together (bottom of the square “You do, I help”). Stage four develops the delegating style of leadership as the learner becomes confident in their skills and knowledge (left of the square “You do, I watch”).

Aslak Aarsland
Band Member - Norway

Disciples of Worship - Fall Tour Update

        Four days have gone since the D.O.W team met for the first time in Oslo. We spent our first day together exploring the capital and staying over night at Lars Petter Berg’s house (cofounder of, before we hit the road the next day to go to Ålesund. On our way we stopped in Hamar as we were invited to lunch with Jan & Tove Honningdal (known as a Father of Worship in Norway). They, as well as Lars, are very experienced worship leaders and it has been a privilege to meet them and to partake in their wisdom.

        At the time of writing, we are in Valderøy, Ålesund for a week, seeking God together, worshipping and getting to know each other. I find it very fascinating that we, within the team, already notice areas where we complement each other. It is very clear that, just as the Bible says, we are all parts of the same body and we need one another to lean on.

        My level of expectancy for this fall is increasing each day, and I am super excited to see what the Lord will do in these next three months as we minister in churches throughout Norway.

Amelia Svedin,
Band member - Sweden

Sunday, August 5, 2012

OASE 2012- Fredrikstad, Norway 

After many weeks & months of preparation, the OASE Conference arrived. In Fredrikstad thousands of adults, youth, and children came to the week long conference to be refreshed & strengthened in their faith through many speaker & bands. This is one of the largest if not the largest Christian Conference in Norway. I was responsible for the Living Room this year which is the 24 hour a day prayer & worship room that went on consistently for the week as many different prayer & worship teams ministered each hour. It was a privilege to work beside many worshippers from all over Norway that helped contribute to this room. There were many different facets to this room this year. It was held in a pool hall so it was fun decorating it as God's Living Room. We had different prayer stations where people could see prayer requests to pray for different topics on the wall. Another place we had a station for communion where they could partake of the Lord's supper at a certain hour of the day, another place we had a place for art where people could express their worship with painting. Another place we had a projector of the many promises & prophecies God has spoken to Norway through many people from around the world. Here the Norway could be reminded of their identity & what God is saying over them as a nation & come in agreement in their prayers. Another part of the room gave them opportunity to just rest & soak in God's presence. In the pool we constructed a "throne" resembling our praise & worship building a throne for Papa God to sit upon as He is in the midst of us as we worship & pray. It was a very special room as hundreds of people came in and out of it throughout the week. 


I was also blessed with the opportunity to be a part of a Praise Concert at the end of the week with the other worship leaders leading in the main hall at OASE. It was such a privilege to be able to sing the song "Norway" over this nation singing out God's heart & promises. I had some of my previous School of Worship students come all the way from America to Norway to help at OASE & join in serving in the Living Room & contributing to Disciples of Worship. 


Enjoy some video highlights from OASE & The Living Room: 

- Mary Elizabeth Vorrath