Wednesday, March 27, 2013

In Germany!

We are now in Berlin, and we have had a great time so far!
We spent the first couple of days in a smalltown, Slate, where we got to serve a couple of churches.
We lead some worship in two churches during morning service, then we met some people from another congregation for coffee. The language barrier was a challenge, but it was still really good. In the evening, we had a concert, and that was very special. There was such a breakthrough in freedom in that room, and many people got touched. People didn't wanna leave, and they were very thankful that we came.

Next day (Monday) we drove to Berlin, where we are now. We went to Sachenhausen the first day and Tuesday and Wednesday, we blessed people in the streets and invited them to the concert on Thursday. People got encouraged, blessed and touched in the streets, and we also had an amazing time connecting with Joshua Church in the evening! It was so powerful worshipping with them, and we are really looking forward to work with this church and have concert with them tomorrow!

It is so exciting to learn about the culture here, to see the people from God's perspective and to see what God has in store for this nation. Germany is such a treasure for God, and He has put something so unique and special in this people. We are so privileged to be able to dig out the gold in this nation and brush off the dust.

We would love some prayer support from you, as we are continuing our journey. As I said, we are having a concert thursday night, and there might be many unsaved people showing up! So pray for God to encounter these people, as well as encouraging and touching the body of Christ in Germany as well. This upcoming weekend, we are going on a youth camp. So pray for spirit lead conversations and relationships, and a concert (Saturday night) where His presence may dwell, so that God may draw all men to Himself! We want to see the whole people of Germany lifting up the name of Jesus, and then Jesus will draw all men to Him!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Premission worship camp

We are now at a retreat center outside of Sarpsborg in eastern Norway, and we have an amazing group of worshippers gathered here to do preperations through teaching, band practices, team building etc.

Tuesday night, Joy had a word of knowledge, that someone had pain in their back. A guy in our team had struggled with pain in his back almost his whole life, and as soon as we prayed, all the pain left immediately! God is soo good!
Wednesday afternoon, we had a seminar about the hearing God's voice to encourage others. We practiced on each other, and several people got to experience God speak through them for the first time! In the afternoon, we went for treasure hunt (writing down clues, asking God who is on His heart that he wants us to talk to, then go in the streets, look for our clues, ask God what to do and just love on people). We got to encourage and bless a lot of people, and several people got very touched.

One person that got touched was Daniel (the guy in the middle on the picture below) Tony, Therese, Per and me (Ester), had the clues yellow house and store on a corner with i big, red sign. We found a restaurant on a corner with the exact sign we were looking for, so we walked in there. Daniel was highlighted to us, so we talked to him. We had a great talk, we got to pray for him and as we prayed, he felt like a power coming from us. We got to encourage him, share testimonies and tell him how God wanted to show His love for him and so on. We also gave him a youth version of the New Testament which he was very thankful for. He was so overwhelmed and he felt so loved. We were also very encouraged, and we are so excited to see what God is gonna do in him.

We had a great time on treasure hunt, and we are now ready to go to Germany and Czech Republic, to find the treasures of God and show them His love!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Disciples of Worship spring tour has now begun!

The band is gathered, and we are soon hitting the road!
First of all, a presentation of our team:

-Mary Elizabeth Vorrath from USA: Team leader
-Amelia Joy Svedin from Sweden: Keys and vocals
-Josh Freegard from England: Drums
-Aslak Aarsland from Norway: Electric and vocals
-Ester Frantzen from Norway: Vocals and dance
-Stian Bekkvik from Norway: Bass
-Dillon Rogers from USA: Bass, Electric and vocals

March 9-10, we were serving Church of Living Water, a Vietnamese church in Oslo, having workshops, worship concert, as well as preaching and teaching on their sunday service. We had a great time with these amazing people, and God did amazing things. Many people got touched by the Lord, and there was a new level of freedom released in this church. We loved working with these kids, and we are looking forward to see what God continue to move in this church.

This Monday, March 18, we are starting the preparation camp for our mission trip. We have four days of team building, equipping and practicing before we drive by bus to Germany and Czech
 Republic for ten days! We are excited to see what God is gonna do through us as we are evangelizing and lifting up the name of Jesus in these nations! We will keep you updated!