Monday, December 10, 2012

Lovsangskole i Bergen Feb 2013

If you live in the area of Bergen Norway, join the Worship School Jan & Feb 2013!

Join our Worship Mission TO Germany & Czech Republic!

The vision & heart beat of Disciples of Worship is to take worship to the lips & the heart of the nations! We are pleased to announce we will be taking a team of 20-30 worshippers young & old into Germany & Czech Republic this upcoming Easter Break.

Would you like to be a part of impacting people's lives this upcoming Easter holiday and show people the transforming power of Christ's salvation & resurrection?

As worshippers, we will go into Europe, lifting up the name of Jesus through dance & music letting God's presence draw people's hearts! Learn how to use your gifts & share your testimony to evangelize to the lost during this special time of Easter. 
Click HERE for more details & how to apply!! 
Starting in Fredikstad, Norway we will have a couple days of preparation & training. We will then travel by bus provided by Slettevold Bussreiser AS to Slate & Berlin, Germany for a few days then take the Gospel in to Prague, Czech Republic. 
March 21- April 1, 2013
Cost: 8000 NOK/ 1400 USD
+ transportation to Fredrikstad, Norway

Join the optional Worship Training Camp in Fredrikstad, Norway taking place ahead of the worship mission on March 18-21. Another great opportunity to grow in your relationship with God & worship leading.  Cost for Pre-mission Camp: 800 NOK/ 150 USD  

Hope to see you on the mission field!! 

End of the Fall 2012 DOW Tour

It is hard to believe now that our 3 month Disciples of Worship tour has ended. Yet I think we all believe it is just the beginning of something new. We look forward to start up another 3 month tour in the North of Norway this Spring from March-May 2013 to go back to some of the places we were at this fall and build on those relationships yet also pioneer a few new locations.

This past 3 months we've ministered & spent many days in Oslo, Ålesund, Vaksvika, Sula, Ørnes, Harstad, Kasfjord, Borkenes, Leknes Lofoten, Borgen YWAM, Tromsø, Lakselv, Karasjok, and Tana. Many salvations, healings, Holy Spirit manifestations, worshippers discipled, and so much of God's presence we have experienced. Yet this is just the beginning... Lord we want MORE!

Here are some highlight videos from our tour:

From our time in Leknes, Lofoten:

@ Borgen YWAM Base & Tromsø

Borkenes Concert