Wednesday, October 30, 2013


The beauty of the islands about an hour outside Tromsø is striking! The water is almost turqoise, the mountains covered in white snow and the sun shining from the clear blue sky... God's beauty surrounded us, and everywhere we looked there was another amazing aspect of it.

It was so good to come back to Magnus Haraune's house in Sommarøya and get to stay there for a while this time.

Tuesday night we joined the youth club and had such a blast with the youth there! We got to share about Jesus, play a couple of songs, and then we had some really good conversations. It was also intresting that most of them were musicians so we invited them to come for a music night that weekend to teach them more songs to play for Jesus!

The next thing happening was the worship night Friday in the Baptist Church. We also gathered in the church Saturday, where Henriette was teaching on prayer and encouraging the congregation to stand together and persevere in prayer.

We met again with the youth Saturday night, and had a fun time of playing together and teaching them a new song. We loved building relationships with them, and we really wanted to invest some more time in them, so we decided to do the same thing Sunday night with a new song.

One thing we keep coming across in the North of Norway with the youth is a need of encouragement for purpose in their life. It can be so difficult to stand alone as a Christian as a young person. Some stand alone in their schools but also in their families. It was a special time to see the hunger in these youth for purpose and meaning to their lives. They were so open to know more about having a relationship with God and what that looks like and how much God cares for them. We believe this village is such a treasure chest of possiblities with these youth. They are gold! There is such great opportunity for the generations to stand together and support what God is doing here.

Sunday morning we lead worship as Mary Elizabeth preached in the Baptist Church reminding us all how precious is the sacrifice that Jesus gave and how the way we live our lives reflect the value of His presence and we should be a light to the world bringing Him the reward of His sacrifice. We really feel that Sommarøya is a special place, and that God is doing something. It is time to stand up and shine!

- Jannicke


On our way to Sommarøy from Vadsø, we visited Arild & Ragnhild Måsø at Sirma out side of Tana in Finnmark.

Together in their beautiful home we ate, talked and spent some time in prayer and worship together.
We worshipped with our sound and the Sami sound called "Joik".

We had a powerful time united with our different native sounds in the presence of God, as well as praying and encouraging each other. Some of us also had a wonderful time in their sauna and jacuzzi.

- Aslak

Friday, October 25, 2013


We were in Vadsø 16th-20th of October.
It was so good to work with the Filadelfia Church, where we had prayer meetings, teaching on the power of sound and releasing their unique sound and a lot of time worshiping together. Friday afternoon a team from Borgen YWAM joined us, and we had a great time with them. We were out in the streets talking to people, we played in the school - inviting the youth to our concert, and prayed for the city.

Saturday night we had a concert in a place called Vårbrudd, and were truly blessed as we got to have two locals in our band. Rashad on drums and Aleksey on the bass. We had a really fun night!

Sunday morning we joined the Filadelfia Church for their service, and this time we had Robin playing bass with us! We also got to hear Kay Morten share his testimony of how God met him after being a drug addict and dealer. God can truly turn something that seems hopeless into something wonderful. If we choose to live our lives with God, He can give us many adventures in Him!

We really loved getting to know the youth in Vadsø, building our relationships with them, and see them come closer to Jesus, as well as working with the church. Thank you for a great time, Vadsø!

- Jannicke

Thursday, October 17, 2013


10th-15th of October we spent some great days in Karasjok!

The first two days we were together as a team, praying, worshiping and working with things like songwriting. 

Saturday to Sunday we had an amazing time as we got the opportunity to be a part of the Confirmants' Camp! We started with a 16 kilometer hike up to the cabin Ravnastua, where we really got to connect with the youth. They were a wonderful group, and we had many great conversations with them. Other highlights from the weekend was Ester and Aslak's relationship talk with questions and answers and an awesome girl's night in the cabin. It all started with the girls wanting to share ghost stories - but in stead we shared "Holy Ghost-stories" about the Bible and God's power in us. We also got to pray, as five girls made a commitment to Jesus and inviting the Holy Spirit into their life, and we even experienced three of the girls getting healed from headaches and back pain!
With the whole group we got to share some songs, a play about the Lord's prayer and Joy shared her testimony. 
Sunday we hiked back down and had to say goodbye to the youth. Sunday night we had the privilege
 of leading worship at the Pentecostal Church for their meeting.

Fortunately we got to see some of the Karasjok youth again Monday, as we had a time of hanging out with them at the Church before our meeting. Here Mary shared about the Treasures of God's Glory and how the Sami culture is so precious to the Lord. 
Monday night we had a great time at Franziska's (the new priest) house where we had pizza and some good conversations.

Our last day in Karasjok we went to the Sami Parliament, where the King and the Crown Prince of Norway visited for the opening of the new parliament. We blessed the parliament and the leading of  the Sami people as we prayed inside while the opening was happening. It's quite amazing how we can carry God's presence into places by just being there and inviting God to be enthroned. It is an exciting time for Karasjok, a new season, fresh wind blowing through the North. 

After the ceremony ended we headed up north to Vadsø!

Be blessed! We're excited for what's on God's heart for the next week.


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Trondheim worship seminar weekend!

4th-6th of October we stayed in Trondheim for a weekend of worship seminars and leading worship at Salem Church.

The whole team had a great time, and we were blessed with an incredibly warm welcome - We really felt at home in the city. The atmosphere was fantastic, and we met many nice people who were truly on fire for God and thirsty for more inspiration on worship!
After the seminars we split up in two groups, some of us going out on the street to lift up the Lords name for the people in the city with worship evangelism and the other group had a session of prophetic singing led by Joy and Ester.

Saturday night some of the team members joined the student service at Salem. It was really good to be able to simply sit down and receive, as we are so used to be a part of the meetings we attend ourselves.
After a late night (for the girls a really late - girls night in the hotel room!) we were ready for Sunday service at 11am. We loved leading worship with a team mixed of DOW and Salem's own worship team.  Once again I want to say that we had an amazing time in Trondheim, and we are looking forward to come back again!

Monday was spent in the Hulk (our van), as we travelled about 17 hours up North to Sommarøy outside Tromsø, where we are enjoying a few days of rest before we head up to Finnmark and Karasjok.

We feel like the team is really getting close as our relationships are getting strengthened along the way, and we are really excited for the rest of the tour! Hope to see you at one of our events the next two months!

- Jannicke

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


God loves family! I mean, think about it... He does have a lot of children. A whole lot! :) I love family too, and last week, God blessed me with an opportunity of introducing my DOW family to my parents as well as my Church family - for guess what... We went to Sweden!

Pappas Hus:
We ministered in the city of Östersund (Jämtland), in my home Church: Pappas Hus, an evening with worship, and where we together saught God's heart for the area.  He has truly seen the devoted hearts of the people there and He has not forgotten them. Neither has He ever ignored their prayers! The best is yet to come: more of His beautiful presence and greater amounts of His glory!
2 Chronicles 16:9: "For the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to give strong support to those whose heart is blameless toward him."

Nursing home:
We also had the privilege of playing at a Nursing home in Hallen. It was not a worship setting where we actually led worship, but we played praise and worship songs. Our focus of going there was not to have them convert and get saved. Of course we want them to get to know Jesus and find life, but Isomething that I  love, is how we as Christians can just love people and that is enough! That's all we have to do. As we love, we show Jesus to them.. I talked to some of the people who were there and listened to us, and they were blessed by it! At least to me, this can seem like a small thing and not a big deal. But as I reflect on the love that the Lord has for each one of these people, that He sent His beloved son to die for each one of them: how much must this not have pleasured His heart! And from our side, playing those songs without focusing on leading worship with them, this was still an act of worship to Him as it blessed His hearts! We also know, after learning about and getting more revelation on the power sound, that the atmosphere in that building - there's a restaurant, and where people live and many people work - was impacted sith the light of God's presence.

The nature in that place is beautiful, and one sfternoon we drove up to the mountains and prayed. This ended in us writing a song in Swedish. A worship song to put on the lips of the body of Christ in Sweden.. A song of recognizing Him as a good and faithful God, and as a response to that surrendering our lives to Him.

Praise God for the nation of Sweden and its wonderful people. We thank Him for His promises, which will come to pass in Jesus name!

- Amelia Joy

Fall Tour has started!

We are entering our second week of preparations for the 2013 Fall Tour.
Last wednesday we got to a lovely house in Mysen, where we're so blessed to get to stay for almost three weeks before we start our travel up north.

So far we have had some class time with teachings on the power of sound, we have lead worship at the opening conference of the Oslo branch of the Women in Network ministries as well as the Sunday service at Mysen Frikirke. In our house we have spent time together as a team praying, worshipping and strenghtening the bonds between the Team members. As the new member of the team it has been a special and exciting week for me (Jannicke) getting to know the rest of the team and joining their awesome journey with God.

Living in a house with six other people sure is exciting, and we enjoy each others company. We are so blessed to have Jim and Henriette with us as our spiritual parents, and you could say we're a family. We all take our turns cleaning and preparing meals for the group.

Each one of us have our own field of responsibility, and part of our time we spend on preparing and working on these responsibilities.

I think I can speak for the whole team when I say we are really excited for this tour, and we're really looking forward to visiting many beautiful places and meet both people we have visited before and get to know new people and places!