Saturday, May 25, 2013


What a week we've experienced in Leknes, Lofoten!

We came back to partner again with Klippen Menighet. We Also partnered with TX Vikings ( who were invited by the same church. TX Vikings is a ministry where they travel around Scandinavia and Europe. They visit and speak at shools, in order to prevent drugs, alcohol and violence. They  do events where they present Jesus and the gospel in a very creative way as they do stunts that include fire and breaking of rocks etc... So we had the privilege of ministering with them, praying for people as around 35 people wanted to receive Christ in their hearts after the show. Out of those people many were youth, and the church is eager to welcome those and help them go further and disciple them.

We enjoyed to continue to work with the youth worship team that was founded back in November when we were here visiting. 3 of these joined us on the missions trip to Germany & Czech Republic and it was great to see the change in them, how they had grown from their experiences with God and from ministering to people. Also, musically they have grown a lot! Two of the youth who gave their lives to the Lord the other night have already joined the worship team so that's very exciting!

Something we recognized in Klippen Menighet was the love they show each other. Just like last time we were here  we were welcomed into their church family right away! The church is built on prayer and it's been very inspiring to see their hungry hearts and join hearts with them in their prayer meeting as well as in an evening of worship together and social time of connecting with new people. Matthew 6:33 says "seek first God's kingdom and righteousness and everything else will be given to you" and this beautiful congregation has really come to a place of valuing God's presence more than anything on the earth. I (Amelia Joy) was challenged by this, and by the picture one man had from God: The train is coming soon, and it's not waiting for us. The meaning of it is that Jesus is coming soon and on that day, will we as His bride be ready for His return? Will we be able to say, on that day, that we know Him? These are questions that I have been pondering, to make sure that I have my priorities right... Do I value what I do for Him and being a good servant, more than what I do with Him and first and foremost being His child, letting Him love on me?

It is very clear that this beautiful group of Islands, Lofoten, has a special place in God's heart. The nature is incredible (for instance the most beautiful beach in Norway is in Lofoten) so God wanted to show off when He created it :)

Thursday, May 23, 2013


We spent 1 week up North in Vadsø, helping out with Filedefia Church and Pastor Max! We had a movie night, prayer night, worship seminar, worship evangelism, dance workshop and a concert. The week went extremely amazing! We made so many deep connectinons it was extrodianry. The concert, went amazing a full house full of energy. Also, the dance workshop was huge with freedom and helping break free into expression and not be held by a shy spirit.

Another great aspect for us in Vadsø was connecting with the Russ students fixing to graduate. We went into the school and played a few songs and then got invited to play at a Russ bonfire on the beach, where made great connections and got to speak love and life over many kids and pray for them.

Overall, Vadsø was great in encouraging and uplifting the church and reaching out and going out to the people who won't come to the church. Really being the hands and feet of Christ loving all of His children wherever they are at! Vadsø = Amazing!

Here are a few more pictures from this week:.

-written by Dillon Rogers

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


 April 16-April 23
We spent one week in Karasjok, a small town in the very north of Norway with a lot of sami people, and we got to partner with the state church at this place. The first day, we had a youth concert with some of the youth there. many of them got touched, and we also got to connect with many of them. The next day, we got to hang out some more with these people. We got some very good conversations, and we also found out that few played, but many of them wanted to play an instrument. So the next day (Monday), we met these five people to teach them piano, guitar and singing. We had a good time and got once again some good conversations. We invited them back next day and they brought some friends, so now we were eight people, and enough people to make up a full band! So we challenged them to continue practicing together, and we are looking forward to meet them again and have some follow up in the fall! 

Us and the amazing Karasjok band- You rock!

We had a great time here in Karasjok, and we were so blessed by this church! God is so good!

-Written by Ester Frantzen