Sunday, August 5, 2012

OASE 2012- Fredrikstad, Norway 

After many weeks & months of preparation, the OASE Conference arrived. In Fredrikstad thousands of adults, youth, and children came to the week long conference to be refreshed & strengthened in their faith through many speaker & bands. This is one of the largest if not the largest Christian Conference in Norway. I was responsible for the Living Room this year which is the 24 hour a day prayer & worship room that went on consistently for the week as many different prayer & worship teams ministered each hour. It was a privilege to work beside many worshippers from all over Norway that helped contribute to this room. There were many different facets to this room this year. It was held in a pool hall so it was fun decorating it as God's Living Room. We had different prayer stations where people could see prayer requests to pray for different topics on the wall. Another place we had a station for communion where they could partake of the Lord's supper at a certain hour of the day, another place we had a place for art where people could express their worship with painting. Another place we had a projector of the many promises & prophecies God has spoken to Norway through many people from around the world. Here the Norway could be reminded of their identity & what God is saying over them as a nation & come in agreement in their prayers. Another part of the room gave them opportunity to just rest & soak in God's presence. In the pool we constructed a "throne" resembling our praise & worship building a throne for Papa God to sit upon as He is in the midst of us as we worship & pray. It was a very special room as hundreds of people came in and out of it throughout the week. 


I was also blessed with the opportunity to be a part of a Praise Concert at the end of the week with the other worship leaders leading in the main hall at OASE. It was such a privilege to be able to sing the song "Norway" over this nation singing out God's heart & promises. I had some of my previous School of Worship students come all the way from America to Norway to help at OASE & join in serving in the Living Room & contributing to Disciples of Worship. 


Enjoy some video highlights from OASE & The Living Room: 

- Mary Elizabeth Vorrath