Thursday, September 13, 2012

Disciples of Worship - Fall Tour Update

        So, we've been on DOW for 7 days now, and God has showed me a lot in just these few days! My life has changed, and I expect more change over these next three months. God is preparing the way!

        On Monday Svein Hoysaeter came and taught about "life shape's", one of them was on how to disciple brothers and sisters, "being a sheep in the front and being a shepherd in the back of your body". This means leading others, while you're being lead yourself.

        Stage one of the square is characterized by a directive style of leadership and an eager enthusiasm on the part of the learner (top of the square “I do, you watch”). Stage two moves into a coaching style of leadership as the learner discovers that things may not be as easy or simple as he/she first thought (right of the square “I do, you help”). Stage three is a time of friendship, as the leader and learner work closely together (bottom of the square “You do, I help”). Stage four develops the delegating style of leadership as the learner becomes confident in their skills and knowledge (left of the square “You do, I watch”).

Aslak Aarsland
Band Member - Norway

Disciples of Worship - Fall Tour Update

        Four days have gone since the D.O.W team met for the first time in Oslo. We spent our first day together exploring the capital and staying over night at Lars Petter Berg’s house (cofounder of, before we hit the road the next day to go to Ålesund. On our way we stopped in Hamar as we were invited to lunch with Jan & Tove Honningdal (known as a Father of Worship in Norway). They, as well as Lars, are very experienced worship leaders and it has been a privilege to meet them and to partake in their wisdom.

        At the time of writing, we are in Valderøy, Ålesund for a week, seeking God together, worshipping and getting to know each other. I find it very fascinating that we, within the team, already notice areas where we complement each other. It is very clear that, just as the Bible says, we are all parts of the same body and we need one another to lean on.

        My level of expectancy for this fall is increasing each day, and I am super excited to see what the Lord will do in these next three months as we minister in churches throughout Norway.

Amelia Svedin,
Band member - Sweden