Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Bergen – what an amazing city! We arrived here just in time to enjoy the celebration of May 17. As we stayed at Ester’s house with her incredible parents we got the family feeling which is typical for Norway, a nice breakfast in the morning followed by the parade downtown, and then eating rømmegrøt (a kind of porridge – yum yum!) in the afternoon. That evening, on their actual national day, we spent some time just worshipping and coming before God’s face and honoring Him, as well as interceding for Bergen and Norway. We ended the night downtown watching great fireworks. Such a fun experience for us non-Norwegians!

We had the privilege of leading worship at Ester’s church Kristkirken on their Sunday service. 

On Monday we attended and lead worship for a service at Norkirken, which is Mary’s home church and a great supporter of D.O.W. It was a good time of connecting with Pastor Svein Høysæter again, and together with Norkirken and their sister church we enjoyed good fellowship with barbeque and soccer afterwards. I (Joy) love how they value family a lot, how the different generations come together as one unit. I believe seeing this really pleases God’s heart!

During our time in the Bergen area were very blessed with sunny weather, as we experienced what is recorded as the hottest day ever in May so far! We actually went swimming in the sea one evening! After traveling a whole lot, we loved staying at a cabin in Kvamskogen, an hour outside of Bergen, up in the mountains. While there we had some days of debrief from the tour, reflecting on it and learning from better and worse situations, as well as just reminding ourselves and each other about what God has done during these months. Sometimes as we constantly move forward in life it’s hard to see, but as we stop for a moment and look at what God has done, gratitude fills our hearts. The result of that is that there is a genuine response of praise to Him. Bill Johnson once said “Show them God and they will worship!”, and as we first see Him and His works, we can’t help but bring to Him the worship that He is so worthy of!
A well needed time of rest, and special time of connecting with the different home churches of the team that we thank God for!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Baptist District Conference

May 9-12
We were asked to lead worship for the Baptist District Conference this weekend, and after a long drive from the north we came to beautiful Rivermont (retreat center), where we were going to stay. We led worship the first night, as well as having a concert for the kids afterwards. It was a very good night with so much freedom, and we didn't want to stop worshipping! So special. Sound of Worship, our great friends from Kasfjord were playing as well, and we were so proud of them!

It was amazing to see such a group of worshippers, both mulitcultural and multigenerational, standing together in unity, worshipping Him. That unity is so important, such a key for His kingdom to come!

The next two days, we lead worship at the prayer meeting in the morning, we had worship workshop and dance workshop at daytime and led worship in the evening. After that, we had another concert, and our dancers and musicians performed what they had practiced. They did such a good job, and we were so proud of them!

We got to connect with many kids, and personally, I (Ester) want to encourage Jesus Revolution. They are such a great dance and drama team, and I am looking forward to see what they will do in the future. You guys are changing people's lives, and greater things is yet to come! Keep up the good work! ;-) 

We had a great time connecting with the people at the camp, and they challenges us a lot in their freedom in worship! We were so blessed to be with them, and we hope to come back soon!