Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Phat Cat studio, Oslo

The very last event of our fall 2013 tour was recording our very own EP! With Johannes Groth as our producer, we recorded five songs - four of them Disciples of Worship originals! The last song on the EP is Aslak's own version of the old Norwegian hymn Deg være ære.

Even though the days were really long and full of hard work, we had a really great time in the studio. We had so much fun together as a team, as well as with Johannes. He is amazing at what he is doing and it was so good working with him!

We started of every morning with prayer, and we could absolutely feel that God was with us these days as we had powerful moments of releasing all the different sounds of our team - including Henriette praying and the rest of us singing spontaneously for Mary Elizabeths song Follow the Sound.

The whole team are super excited to get the result in a couple of months, after Johannes has finished his work mixing it all into the finished tracks. We enjoyed recording so much, and hope all of you will enjoy the end result - our EP "Follow the Sound"!

Merry Christmas everybody! May it be a blessed one ;)

- Jannicke

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