Saturday, November 30, 2013

Treffpunkt @ Borgen

This event is in a way what our entire tour has been leading up to. November 22th-24th we gathered many of the youth musicians we have been working and connecting with in the north during the tour for a weekend of connecting and inspiring each other and of course worshipping together.

We started off the weekend with a fun social night getting to know each other and worshipping our great Father. It was so good to stand in the living room where we worshipped and see all the different youth actually be in the same room! The atmosphere was amazing, so filled of energy, God's presence and a longing for more of Him!
We know the youth from so many different places, and this weekend they got to know each other and be united as a strong generation of worshippers in the north. We had youth joining the weekend from Lofoten, Harstad, Ørnes, Tromsø, Sommarøy and Alta. I believe many important connections were made this weekend, and hope and pray that they will get to strengthen the bonds between them and encourage and support each other in the future.

The weekend was filled with many activities, such as small groups where the youth got to connect more with some of the people they didn't know before and we had explorations within prophetic dance and art. It was so good to just be able to let the creativity flow and open up for God to work through it. In the art exploration we both painted/drew to God and got prophetic pictures from God for eachother. The youth really got encounters with God in both the art and the dance exploration time. Dance is really powerful, and it is amazing seeing the youth getting a new level of freedom.

One really special thing we got to do was practicing songwriting, focusing especially at releasing the sounds of our own dialects and focusing on what God is wanting to do in our home area. We were all divided into groups from where we're from, and what came out were several really good worship songs!

The Sunday service also was a highlight from the weekend, as we got to have a time of commissioning all the youth to be lights in the north for God as we were praying for them and their home places. As a small symbol of this, each of them got a small white candle with a norwegian flag-colored ribbon and
"(Youth's name) - God's light in the north" written on it.

The weekend really turned out to be a success, and was a highlight of the tour for us in the team. We feel so blessed to have gotten to know all these amazing people over the last year and a half, and it's gonna be so exciting to see what God will do in their lives in the future! "Treffpunkt" (Meeting point) was a perfect ending to our tour, and we look forward to how the youth continue in their calling to reach the North themselves with their worship & music. What an amazing God we serve!

As I am writing this we are on our way back south to the eastern part of Norway for our debrief and recording of our very own EP with the songs we have written as a band this tour! There is not much to say other than that we are super excited!!

God bless, no less!

- Jannicke

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