Saturday, November 30, 2013


5th-13th of November we were in Kasfjord outside Harstad.
We lived at Rivermont Youth Center the whole time, and had a really good time connecting with the youth band Sound of Worship again.

The weekend was spent at the Prayer Conference that was held at Rivermont. It was a really good weekend where both Mary Elizabeth, Henriette and Jim were teaching and both Disciples of Worship and Sound of worship led the worship for the meetings. It was a conference where God did a lot of work in many of our hearts, and many were touched by the Lord. It was great seeing the people released in the Holy Spirit's freedom, and the room was filled with energy!

There has been many prophesies about revival coming to the North of Norway, and Jim's teaching was on this topic. Yes, we do want revival, but are we really ready for it when it comes? Have we really prepared ourselves? These are important questions to ask ourselves. The north is hungry for revival and God is preparing us to be able to carry it when it comes.

Monday night we joined the prayer meeting in Kasfjord Baptist Church. There was few people, but what a powerful night! The Holy Spirit fell heavily in the little room, and it was a really special experience.

Tuesday, our last night, we got to be with Sound of Worship again and had a good time of supporting them and encouraging them in their mandate in the north. We really love spending time with these youth, and we are so proud of them and how they are traveling around in the north inspiring people and even experiencing people coming to know the Lord!

Wednesday morning we headed up north once again - we were on our way to Alta!

- Jannicke

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