Saturday, November 30, 2013


Praise God! What a city, what a group of people and what a weekend!
We were in Alta 13th-19th of November, working with the Filadelfia Church.

Thursday night we had a seminar where Mary Elizabeth taught on the identity of a worshipper. It was really good getting to connect with some of the worshippers in Alta! It was great getting to inspire them in what they carry as worshippers.

We also had the pleasure of cooperating with another team, coming from Veien Bible School in Bergen. Together with Veien and the local youth workers we were leaders for a youth weekend called Møtepunkt 24/7 (Meeting point 24/7).
Saturday we had different seminars the youth could choose from; Hearing God's voice, Creative worship, Worship leading and songwriting and a seminar where they went out on the street to pray for people and share the Gospel.

We also had a dodge ball tournament where all of us participated, and it was great fun (maybe especially because my team won, haha). We could also buy "dirty tricks" to get advantages in the tournament, and the money collected were given to the Philippines.

It was so much fun to work together with the Veien team, and it really was an amazing weekend! It was so good seeing all the youth gathered in the room worshipping God and really getting touched and transformed in their hearts. I think we were just as touched by the Holy Spirit as the youth, and the atmosphere the whole weekend was really good.

Prophesies were also a significant part of the weekend, and many people received prophesies and words of knowledge over their lives. There was several people getting healed this weekend as well, for instance one girl having a shorter leg that grew out as she was prayed for! God is so good.

Sunday night there was an evening service where the whole Filadelfia congregation came to join the youth who had been there for the weekend. The generations together, one of the important values to our team!

We really believe Alta is a hotspot for Finnmark and what God is wanting to do in the north. There are so many prophesies about revival in the north, and we see God working and using the Filadelfia Church in a special way. They have been so faithful in stewarding what God has given them, and working with the youth they have there. When we are faithful with what we already have been given, God can entrust us with even more, and this is something we see in Filadelfia Alta. It will be really exciting to hear what will happen in Alta in the future!

It's almost unbelievable that we only have one weekend of ministry left before we start on our way south again... Where did the three months go? On the other side we have so many memories to look back to, great places we have visited and many amazing people we have connected with. It's pretty nice having new friends all over the north!

- Jannicke

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