Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Our last special days in Germany

Disciples of Worship spring 2014 missionstrip has come to and end, and as I am writing this our team members are making their way back to their homes all the way from Copenhagen in the south to Harstad in the north. Looking back at our missionstrip I am very grateful to God for all the worship that has been lifted up, and all the relationship we have been able to develop in Germany. I believe with all my heart that atmospheres have been changed and hearts have been softened as a result of our ministry.


Our last days in Slate were very special. We did not only have a good time with the believers we met in Slate and the surrounding region, but we also developed some close friendships with people of all ages. My own advantage in knowing German, gave me the opportunity to communicate and talk with both young and old. I personally found it special to be able to connect with a little girl, whose name was Anna-Lina. I loved the opportunity to read a small Bible story for her, and to be able to become her friend. 

I know that each team member made friendships with the people we met there, and that we were able to encourage both young people who were new in their faith, and faithful believers who had stood firm for years in a community were few are Christian. The situation for these believers in what was part of East-Germany, has been difficult. It was very special to hear young and old share how it is still normal to be atheistic in their area, and how difficult it is to tell people that they are Christians even today. Furthermore, some of the intercessors in the church were sharing how occultism and occult “healers” were common in their area. It was very special to spend five days in Slate to really come along side these believers in prayer and worship for their area.

 Saturday we held a worship and song writing workshop for the church in Slate. It was wonderful to see how some of the young people really caught the vision of what worship is, and to see them enthusiastic about writing songs that speak to their own situation. A few of the youths shared how they long to be more brave in sharing their faith with friends and family, and during the afternoon we helped them write the chorus for two songs. It was wonderful to see the spark in their eyes as they were getting inspiration for the songs. In the evening, we had a social night with worship where we were able to lift up Jesus name together. One of the church members who were at our events almost every night of the week, shared his own testimony of how his daughter was saved and healed after a traffic accident. It was wonderful to be able to lift this man’s spirit through worship and prayer. 

Easter Sunday we attended a church service in Suckow, and another church service in Marnitz. The young girls on our team, played two wonderful songs in the first service, accompanied by Papy on the drums. The youths of the church in Slate also played a song, and it was such a wonderful and powerful service. After the service in Suckow many church members walked along a beautiful path between Suckow and Marnitz (about 40-50 min.). This was one of their Easter traditions. The church service in Marnitz was a magnificent end to the Easter celebration with a brass band playing many of the songs. Mary, Lucas, Hannah and Papy shared 4 beautiful songs during the service. After the church service we were able to eat lunch with many of the friends we had made during the week, before starting our way back home from Germany.

Marie Hansen, Copenhagen

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